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Covid Updates

Pure Massage Therapy cares about our clients and we are taking measures to ensure their safety.  Please take into consideration your appointment may look different and we will follow all guidelines required by the State of California, the Santa Clara County Health Dept and the City of Campbell as well as some additional measures we believe to be necessary.  Please read our new procedures carefully: 

  • Please complete and return the Client Intake form 24 hours prior to your massage appointment. 
  • Once you arrive at your appointment,  please text us at 408-799-2666 to let us know you have arrived. We will text you once the lobby is clear and you can enter the office. 
  • Please arrive with a mask on, if you do not have a mask, please let us know and we will provide you with a mask for an additional fee. 
  • If you are wearing gloves, please remove them upon entering Pure Massage Therapy. A handless trash can will be available for disposal at the door. .    
  • Your temperature will be taken, with a non-contact thermometer.  
  • You will use hand sanitizer upon entering the office. 
  • You will be taken to the Massage Room immediately 
  • You will be given a sanitized plastic drawer to place your clothes in.
  • You will be required to wear a mask during the whole massage session. If you have a medical reason for not wearing a mask,  please have your doctor place the mask restrictions on your authorization.
  • You will use hand sanitizer before leaving the Massage Room. 
  • Payment can be made in the lobby,  by cash or credit card,  if paying by cash please have the exact payment amount. 
  • If you are showing any signs of illness you must cancel your appointment, while we prefer 24 hours notice, we understand during this time you may feel sick the day of  your appointment and ask that you cancel at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. 


What steps are we taking to ensure your safety?

  • Staff will continue to wash hands all the way past the elbow, (surgeon scrub)  before and after each massage.  Gloves may be worn by the Therapist per client request. 
  • The office has added HEPA filter air purifiers in each room.
  • Additional time has been set aside between appointments to thoroughly sanitize and air out rooms between clients. We will sanitize the treatment table, face cradles,  counters, chairs, door knobs, light switches, chairs, pens, credit card machine, any surface that may come in contact with other clients or their possessions. 
  • Only clients, and staff will be allowed into the office.   Sorry no guests, unless our client is under 18 then a parent or guardian must stay in the waiting room 
  • Hand sanitizer is available in every room
  • Therapist will wear a new mask for each client
  • Therapists will wear a new smock or apron for each client
  • Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance, we will no longer accept same day appointments. 
  • All used linens will be placed in a closed container in another room.