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"Dave is my Massage Therapist and he is first rate!  I injured my lower back about four months prior to going to Pure Massage Therapy and had a huge amount of sciatica pain in my right leg all the way down to my foot.  I could hardly walk.  My MD had recommended physical therapy, however, I was not getting much relief, so I suspended the physical therapy even though my insurance was paying for it and I decided to go to Pure Massage Therapy on my own dime instead.

Dave took an excellent pre-massage history of my current condition, then tailored my massage to my personal needs and worked perfectly with me to zero-in on where my pain areas were, applying just the right amount of pressure to the various areas where I was experiencing pain.  I really appreciate his concern and therapy skills and my awful sciatica pain is virtually gone.

The office is very clean, friendly and professionally run.  My wife also gets massages from Dave and holds the same feelings on Dave’s professionalism and skills and concern for his clients.

We both highly recommend Pure Massage Therapy and David Stevens!" Rich Barbaccia, San Jose, CA


"I had my first massage at Pure Massage today. David Stevens did an excellent job.

-He used techniques that I haven't experienced before with other massage places.

-He was very considerate about gauging the pressure he used.
-Being a cautious female, I didn't feel uncomfortable at anytime. He seemed very conscientious by asking if I allowed him to proceed at certain areas near the gluteal or upper pectoral muscles. I was covered with a blanket at all times. It was all done in a completely professional manner.

-If you have certain conditions that you're concerned about, he will not jump into giving you therapy without taking time to understand your condition and discussing how his techniques can help.

-I've already booked and paid 4 appoints in advance.
I think it's a completely professional place with great massage therapists." May A, San Jose, CA


"My wife and I  first came to Pure Massage Therapy through Groupon. Booking was quite tough in the beginning since we could only make it on weekends.  The first time we went there, at the old location, it was Tasha who gave both of us massage. She was very good. Since then we have gone to many other places in the Bay Area and also in Asia where we paid less. But we still think the massage we received from Tasha is one of the best we have received. This past weekend, we were able to get a reservation again, and had the massage at the same time. It was Jacky who gave me the massage this time. I must say it is one of the most comfortable massage I have received in a long time. Since I recently experience some very painful Thai and Chinese massages, I asked Jacky not to apply too much pressure. However, her attention to the pressure makes me think I am ready to go for deep tissue the next time.  Not only the massage itself was very comfortable, I truly felt the tension i have in my shoulder and lower back muscle released after ward. And a muscle ache on my left arm which I forgot to mention was also gone. And both of us have a wonderful sleep that evening. I hope as all those Groupon vouchers get fulfilled, it will be easier to schedule weekend appointments easier, and we will definitely come back more often." - Ling H, San Jose, CA


"I just wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU to both Jackie and Tasha!  I initially started up for therapeutic work leading up to my Ironman race.  Unfortunately I recently had a back injury and Tasha worked magic on me.  I look forward to a long and healthy relationship.  You two are the best." - Dave L., Los Gatos, CA


"I originally bought a massage from Pure Massage Therapy through their GroupOn deal. It's tough to go wrong with a $40 massage. But after setting up an appointment with Jackie, I was blown away. It was a great massage and I scheduled a massage for the following month. My second massage was at their new location. The new location is a little tricky to find, but if you look at the street view on Google Maps, you shouldn't have a problem finding the place. Again, Jackie was absolutely awesome and I left feeling revitalized and renewed. If you're looking for a great massage and you're in the downtown Campbell area, I highly suggest Pure Massage Therapy." - Justin C., Campbell, CA 


"I've been going to Pure Massage Therapy for at least the past 5 years.  In the beginning it was just Jackie and now its Jackie and Tasha.  They are great.  Very Professional and always on time.  I couldn't ask for friendlier group of folks. I always feel pampered here but at the same time I feel like I am getting my money's worth.  I like the deep tissue massage and they seem to be able to do it right.  I've been to many spas in the past decade, sometimes as part of a promotion, but I've gone back to Pure Massage Therapy.  They are not part of a hair or nail salon, they don't have a spa or sauna but I don't need it! Also: when they say 1 hour (or 1:30) they give you the full amount of time.  I know that some spas get you for 50 or 55 minute massages and I feel like the therapist is eyeing the clock as she goes along.  Not here: I never feel like I'm being rushed.  They also have great hours which works for my odd schedule." - Peter L., Los Gatos, CA


"Tasha did a great job. I came in because i had a groupon. The place is clean, presentable and professional. I really like the online scheduling too. I'm a big, strong guy and like a lot of pressure in a massage. Tasha's technique was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience." - Del B., Campbell, CA


"I was in a horrible car accident which left me in a great amount of pain in my neck and back.  My doctor wrote a prescription for massage and sent me to Jackie.  I had never had massage before and didn't think it would help but went because my doctor told me to.  I'm so glad I did because after only 2 massages I was able to move my head with less pain and return to work headache free.  After 5 massages I had no more neck or back pain.  Jackie made me feel very comfortable and billed my insurance which made it much easier.  I referred Jackie to some of my co-workers and would highly reccomend her to anyone needing massage." - Andy T., Saratoga, CA


"Pure massage therapy is probably the best you are likely to find in Silicon Valley. Jackie, the owner understands muscle physiology and can work the pain out of your sore or aching muscles. After listening to your concerns, you get a full hour of massage, unlike most other places who include any consultation in the time. She does not rush you out of the place when you are done. The massage room is quiet, relaxing and clean. The place is not fancy but if you are looking for a professional, honest massage therapist who will take the time to understand your source of pain and work on it, this is the right place." - Amanda S., Santa Clara, CA


"I visited Jackie having tingling in my fingers and Jackie's massage work resolved the finger tingling. She also explained things to help prevent future problems." - Marylin M., San Jose, CA

"I had arthroscopic hip surgery last year because of a nagging injury and lacked flexibility from scarring in my thigh muscle. I noticed an immediate improvement after a 1 hour massage with Jackie. I had a hockey game the same night (I am a goaltender) and could stretch without any pain, something I haven't been without for close to a decade! I see her regularly now to maintain and improve my muscle condition. I highly recommend Jackie if you need a massage, are recovering from injury/surgery, or if you play any sports regularly. Your body is your temple, take care of it." - Rob T., San Jose, CA

"I have over the past 12 years had three liver transplants. I had lost 100 lbs eight years ago and had many medical procedures that caused me to have many neck and back issues. I am now back to my normal weight and I am using Jackie Egnor at least 2 times per month. Her technique is very effective. I have gotten excellent results and have never felt better. I will continue to use Pure Massage Therapy in the future along with a good exercise program, I highly recommend Jackie to all my friends and family." - George P., San Jose, CA

"I have been coming to Jackie for almost four years, and she is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. I have had massages at spas on vacation, and none of the masseuses have compared to Jackie's skills. I always look forward to my appointments and can't wait for my next one. Try her out...you won't be disappointed." - Maurice P., San Jose, CA

"Jackie is very professional and listens to the needs of her clients. I have given her name to many of my friends and colleagues who could benefit from her massages." - Rob F., San Jose, CA

"My time with Jackie/ Pure Massage Therapy was so relaxing. When I saw Jackie last, I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy and felt horrible. After my 90 min massage, I walked out of there feeling great, well rested, and completely relaxed. Now that I am feeling better Jackie /Pure Massage Therapy will be on my calendar, monthly!!!" - Kelly B., San Jose, CA

"Jackie listens to me explaining where I have aches, pains or tightness. Her excellent touch loosens the knots and I always leave very relaxed." - Tom M., San Jose, CA